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With the HITECH-MD complete electronic management system, you can now automate your practice from patient check -in to payment.

The HITECH-MD system gives you the ability to access your patient medical records, 24/7/, anytime, anywhere, via the web based interface. This includes your home, laptop, hospital or even your cell phone.

The virtual paperless office provides e-prescribing, patient records stored and charted electronically, and the electronic submission of insurance claims, in addition to electronically communicating within the practice environment.

As a result of reducing the time allocated for your staff to document charts, and the electronic submission of insurance claims, your practice will become more efficient and profitable.

What about the havoc with the insurance carriers requesting additional validation for payment, or for additional care ? Your practice management team will be able to generate detailed and more accurate coding billing documents, which will result in less rejects by the insurance carriers.

Furthermore, HITECH-MD spares you and your practice
of the typically high, upfront expense of servers and hardware.

The HITECH-MD system is affordable, qualifies your practice for the stimulus program incentive, and is extremely easy to implement within your practice.
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Advantages of HITECH-MD Medical Practice Software

Explanation medical records software System

Health information Technology

Benefits of medical practice software

Advantages of Advantages of Medical Practice Management Software

Explanation of electronic meidcal Records Software

Benefits of Medical Records Software

Health information Technology

advantags of medical practice software

Electronic medical records software