Site Provides information for the installation of Hitech Medical Technology including medical records and medical practice electronic medical software.
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The implementation of medical technology solutions such as Practice Management and Electronic record software into the small and medium physician practices promises to transform your medical practice into a modern, information-rich environment.

The HITECH-MD solution creates practice-wide efficiencies that improve patient care and your practice's profitability.

Furthermore, the HITECH-MD methodology will facilitate the implementation process of the system, in addition to minimizing the anxiety among your staff.
Our support after implementation is second to none.

Our customer support center is not "outsourced", which means that the stimulus money creates jobs for Americans instead of other countries.

Because the software used in our our system is USA made for doctors practicing in the States, you can be assured that HITECH-MD and  your system "understands" the needs of a USA practice.

Our system is not a foreign designed system adapted for practices in the U.S.
HITECH-MD will analyze and improve your operational functions by making the best possible use of HITECH-MD’s advanced functions and features.

HITECH-MD will assist your managers to plan the system implementation process by identifying equipment, networking and third party system requirements, and consult with you to assure that the appropriate items are in place by the implementation date.

HITECH-MD provides  support and training that exceeds industry standards.  HITECH-MD will identify medical practice training requirements for every work group in your facility, including physicians, nurse practitioners, assistants, medical billers, schedulers and other staff.

HITECH-MD dedicates  a highly experienced and qualified Project Team that is committed to your operational success.
We first provide you with a Practice Analysis and a Customized Implementation Plan which will optimize and simplify the workflow and profitability of your practice.

Our customized implementation process will also include on site training sessions during which we employ meticulous consideration that your staff is relaxed with the system.

HITECH-MD Electronic Medical Software

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Electronic Medical Records System

Electronic Medical Records Software

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Medical Records Software

Electronic Medical Records Software

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