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     HITECH-MD Electronic Medical Records System can;

* Increase number of patients seen per provider by reducing time spent on chart documentation.
* Reduce time spent by nurses and clerical staff on patient intake information.

* Automatically generate and transmit charges to billing applications via interfaces.

* Eliminate lost and under-coded charges with code assistance.

* EMR Prescription writing notifies physician if requested medication is included on the approved formulary for each patient’s insurance.

* Reduce pharmacy call-backs by electronically sending prescriptions.  Malpractice insurance carriers frequently offer discounts to organizations using an EMR system.

* As the number of paper charts are reduced, costs associated with external storage space are reduced.

 * The EMR documentation templates significantly reduce or eliminates transcription.

* The labor costs related to the medical records department for requests of chart pulls are reduced.

 * Real-time clinical alerts ensure that treatment for like conditions follow cost- and clinically effective regiments.

* Avoid duplicating tests / procedures by using EMR’s automated order communications and lists of prior tests for each patient.
                         A  Recent Study Concluded

"For the physician practices studied, the financial benefits averaged $33,000 per physician per year.

These savings came from two main sources: increased coding levels that led to improved billing, and greater efficiency from a decrease in personnel costs.

All practices reported some savings, ranging from $1,000 to $42,500 per physician (or nurse practitioner) per year."

Source: The Value of  Electronic Health Records in Solo or Small Group Practices
Authors: Robert H. Miller, Ph.D., Christopher West, Tiffany Martin Brown et al.
                             Insurance Solutions

When an insurance carrier denies payment for a service, your office staff has to track down the paper chart, find the relevant chart notes, copy them, and then attach the notes and resubmit the claim.

With electronic document management, on the other hand, the appropriate record is effortlessly retrieved electronically and instantly resubmitted.

The potential time savings can are substantial.

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Electronic Medical Records System

Physician Practice Management

Benefits of Medical Practice Management Software, computerized medical records.

Benefits of Computerized medical records. Records Software

computerized medical records

computerized medical records

computerized medical records

computerized medical records benefits
The computerized medical records and medical practice management software offered by HITECH-MD also includes medical practice management software. The end result is a more efficient physician practice managemnt.
Within a medical practice management system that is used within a physician practice management environment, includes electronic
medical  records software, hardware and interfaces which results in computerized medical records and the by product are the benefits of electronic medical records. The benefits include the reduction of paperwork and labor savings.

HITECH-MD provides consultation for a medical practice management system that is utilizing electronic medical records because of the benefits associated with the electronic medical records benefits. Within the computerized medical records concept, results in benefits of computerized medical records. The system provides many benefits for the practice that utilizes competerized medical records.